General Instructions

For Purchasers Of The Wheel And Tire Only Option

First and foremost, THANK YOU for your purchase of our spare tire solution for your vehicle. As fellow car enthusiasts we have put a great deal of time and energy into delivering a stellar product for your vehicle.
When using or installing the spare tire on your vehicle, please read entire instructions before beginning:
1. When changing a flat, it is best to do so on stable level ground away from traffic.
2. Apply parking brake and chock wheels.
3. Consult vehicle owner’s manual for proper lifting/tire changing procedure.
4. Never place yourself or any part of your body under the vehicle while being raised or supported by a jack or lifting device when changing the tire.
5. Please note that the included wheel may be a dual PCD wheel, meaning that the wheel has two seperate bolt patterns, totaling 10 different bolt holes. Please align the 5 bolt holes of the wheel that match up with your vehicle’s bolt pattern.
6. Place the Value Spare wheel and tire on the vehicle using the OEM lug nuts or lug bolts unless your spare was shipped with an included set of lugs*.
7. Ensure that the lug/bolts nuts are tight and will not come loose (approximately 100-140 ft lbs, please check vehicle owners manual to confirm exact specs).
8. On most vehicles, it is advised to turn traction control and active handling off if equipped while driving on the spare. Failure to do so may result in vehicle warning lights Failure to do so may result in vehicle warning lights. Please consult vehicle owners manual for complete instructions on spare tire use.
Please take caution when driving on a spare. Although it is capable of operating for a long distance it is designed to be used on a temporary basis and does not have the same traction or performance capability of a full size OEM wheel & tire. Should you have any questions regarding your spare tire, please contact us at

*Tire comes prefilled with 50 psi of pressure & has max speed rating of 81 MPH ( M Rating). When handling take caution not to puncture or damage the tire. It is recommended to periodically check your spare tire pressure so as to maintain it for safe vehicle use*

**Value Spare does not assume any liability, express or implied for product use. User assumes all liability and responsibility for product use**