Value Spare Means Real Value

Why Is Value Spare In Business?

As you may know, carmakers continue to eliminate spare tires as a standard, factory-supplied component in many new models. In fact, over half of all new vehicles are now sold without a spare tire. While some manufacturers continue providing spare tires in their model lineup, others have eliminated them entirely.

This may not be a big concern if you have never had to deal with a flat tire. But, for those that have experienced a flat or major blowout, being without an actual spare is unacceptable no matter what alternatives you’re left with.  

Value Spare provides just what you need when you need it most. A real spare tire that not only fits correctly but is sized correctly for your car or SUV all while being narrow and compact. More importantly, your Value Spare is manufactured by a company that has your budget in mind. 

Carmakers do not include spare tires in new models in an attempt to reduce costs. Value Spare recognizes that if you are left to find a spare tire on your own, aside from trying to find the right size and the right fit for your vehicle, the last thing you need to deal with is sticker shock. 

The Value Spare Promise

You need a spare that works when you need it most. We promise to provide the right fit at the right price with no guesswork.

If we offer a spare for your make, model, and year, it works- It’s that simple. Your spare will be the right size, will have the right wheel bolt pattern, and will have the correct tire diameter.

Oh, and if you are wondering… What if my car or SUV has 17″ 19″ 20″, or 21″ factory wheels? Rest assured; we have thought of that too. Our spare tire assembly with our 18″ wheel will be just right for your vehicle using the proper tire size specific to your model. 

The Right Spare At The Right Price- How do we do it?

Is it ok to cut corners? Absolutely, but only the right corners and never the corners that matter most. 

The corners we cut-

We chose to manufacture wheels out of steel simply because it costs less than aluminum alloy. It is super strong and durable.

We only offer quality DOT-rated radial tires but not the high-cost tires associated with big-name tire manufacturers. This makes a big difference in keeping prices affordable without sacrificing durability. 

The corners we did not cut-

Fitment is non-negotiable-

As we’ve said, if we list a spare tire for your vehicle, the spare fits and will do exactly what we claim- get you back on your way. 

Keeping your spare tire compact and convenient-

Did you know it would cost less to make a normal full-size wheel and tire? Since regular-sized tires and wheels are so common, making a narrow space-saver can be costly. However, Value Spare knows that lugging around a large and super-heavy spare is pointless. We have worked hard to design and manufacture a spare tire that is truly space-saving and compact, but still be the most affordable option.

Our goal is to give you reassurance, and security while enjoying a real bargain.

Ever buy something and know you got more than you paid for?  We want you to feel that way for years to come. On every road trip or any quick jaunt to the store, Value Spare has your back.

Kick Murphey’s Law to the curb and drive on. 

-Value Spare